Hi there!

👋🏼 I’m Aymane, a Software engineer at Obytes.

🔺 Graduated from Ensias.

🐍 I helps founders add value to society by crafting software using Python and Django Framework.

🇲🇦 I'm based in Agadir, Morocco.

🔨 I'm currently learning VueJs, NuxtJs by building simple projects (including this portfolio 😊)

✍🏼 I blog from time to time about my journey as a developer.

👑 I'm into chess and philosophical books 📚

What I Do Well

🚀 Environment: Git, GitHub, pip, Agile (Scrum), JIRA, CI, CircleCi and Test Driven Development.

🚀 Code: Python, Django Framework, Flask, Celery.

🚀 Data: PostgreSQL, Redis, memcached, MySQL, SQL Server and SQLite.

🚀 Deployment: Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, Nginx, Celery and RabbitMQ.

Get In Touch

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